Our Vision


The Mission of the Berkeley Global Science Institute (BGSI) is:

To partner with institutions of learning, foundations, government and industry, in the United States and abroad to create centers of research in foundational sciences to address global problems and build a culture of science.

Challenges Facing Global Science:

  • Exclusive science: Problems facing nations are being solved by few scientists in few countries

  • Wasted minds: Many in the world have the will to improve their mind but few have the opportunity

  • Uneven distribution of knowledge: Problems arising in various countries become bigger and more serious due to lack of local expertise and technical knowledge

  • Many pressing problems are global in their nature

Operating Principles of BGSI:

  • Building robust science culture benefits everyone

  • Mixing of researchers is an important aspect for doing innovative research and for bringing down barriers between peoples and countries 

  • Mentoring is a reliable method of creating sustainable excellence in doing science and for developing a culture of innovations 

  • Global science through research apprenticeship is an effective strategy for building meaningful global partnerships

The Vision of BGSI is to:

  • Develop the human potential by establishing research centers, and recruiting, mentoring and training researchers

  • Establish a computer global science network connecting like minded researchers and harnessing their expertise

  • Extend the mentoring tree beyond the U.S. to build meaningful relationships 

BGSI Global Science Publications:

Learn more about our global science approach through a News Focus article in Science magazine ("Satellite Labs Extend Science") that spotlights our work in Vietnam.
In our recently published article, "The Development of Global Science," you can learn more about the global mentoring philosphy and how to properly implement the principles when developing a Center of Global Science.