About BGSI

The ability to perform science at a high level is distributed unequally. Only scientists from relatively few countries are readily capable of bringing forth innovations to address problems facing the world. This situation must be addressed forthrightly by developing research capacity in countries where science remains in its early stages. 

Our Vision 

We are developing the human potential by establishing research centers, to which we recruit, mentor and train emerging scholars. This is accomplished through mentoring to build meaningful relationships and growing a global science network, which connects like-minded researchers to harness their expertise.

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Global Mentoring

The global mentoring model is implemented by recruiting experienced, high profile professors in the global science community to serve as research mentors of newly established Global Science Nodes. 

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By the Numbers 

Numbers and statistics do not tell the whole story, but you may be surprised by BGSI's impressive facts and figures from our work around the globe.

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We are a team of educators and scientists who work together to provide opportunities for emerging scholars. We work to ensure that scientific research is performed without borders in a meaningful and impactful fashion.

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College of Chemistry

The Berkeley Global Science Institute is supported by and housed in the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. For more than 140 years, the central mission of the College of Chemistry is to advance society through education and research.

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