Global Science Nodes

The ability to perform science at a high level is distributed unequally. Only scientists from relatively few countries are readily capable of bringing forth innovations to address problems facing the world. This situation must be addressed forthrightly by developing research capacity in countries where science remains in its early stages. We believe that establishing and growing a network of global science research centers, directed by some of the most prominent scientists that the world has to offer, is a critical means of facilitating this process. The Berkeley Global Science Institute has answered this call and has dedicated itself to not only inspire the world to create new materials for the common good, but also to extend impactful scientific research on a global scale. This has ultimately led to the creation of "Global Science Nodes;" places where the brightest emerging scholars from all over the world are drawn to be mentored by world-renowned scientists, earn graduate degrees, and gain unparalleled experience that will launch their scientific careers. These centers bring together people of all backgrounds to nourish minds and lead a revolution in clean energy and other technologies. You can learn more about established Global Science Nodes below.