Our mission is to partner with institutions of learning, foundations, government and industry, in the United States and abroad to create centers of research in foundational sciences to address global problems and build a culture of science.

About Us

We are a team of educators and scientists who work together to provide opportunities for emerging scholars. We work to ensure that scientific research is performed without borders in a meaningful and impactful fashion through global mentoring.

Global Science Nodes

Centers of Global Science are where the brightest emerging scholars from all over the world are drawn to be mentored by world-renowned scientists, earn graduate degrees, and gain unparalleled experience that will launch their scientific careers.

Laboratory Research Experience (LRE) Program

LRE is a global approach to science that reaches scholars from the US and abroad during their undergraduate studies. It is a program that breaks down barriers and transcends traditional boundaries.

Global Science Schools and Workshops

The Berkeley Global Science Institute regularly organizes and hosts international symposia, workshops, and schools in order to provide educational and professional development as well as to grow the global science network.

NetCentre: Reticular Structure, Naming, and Numbering Databases

Resources for understanding the underlying structures of reticular materials and databases for naming and numbering all classes of reticular materials. These resources form the basis of the NetCentre, which is a collaboration between Arizona State University, Australian National University, Technische Universitat Berlin, and UC Berkeley.

The Berkeley Global Science Institute is supported by and housed in the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.