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The Berkeley Global Science Institute is supported and housed in the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. 

The College of Chemistry is comprised of:

Both disciplines provide the opportunity and means for meeting major scientific and technological challenges, such as addressing climate change, increasing the world's food supply, synthesizing new materials, and discovering and delivering important drugs. The college prides itself on a balanced approach to science, with research areas ranging from experimental to theoretical. Faculty in both departments are engaged in teaching and research in a wide range of applications and subdisciplines.

The College of Chemistry offers undergraduate degrees in chemistry, chemical biology, and chemical engineering, as well as double majors in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering, and in chemical engineering and nuclear engineering. A new option is a concentration in materials chemistry(link is external).

The college offers doctoral programs in chemistry and chemical engineering, and a master's program in chemical engineering, including a concentration in product development. Cross-disciplinary programs are encouraged.

The chemical and biomolecular engineering faculty members have established world-renowned research programs in fields such as thermodynamics, surface catalysis, electrochemical processes, fluid mechanics, separation and transport processes, polymer processing, and control systems, and in such promising research fields as biochemical engineering, nanotechnology, and the study of electronic and optical materials.

World Class Faculty: A Nobel Tradition

College faculty and alumni have been awarded fourteen Nobel Prizes in Chemistry.


1949 - William F. Giauque (B.S.'20, Ph.D '22)
1951 - Glenn T. Seaborg (Ph.D.'37)
1961 - Melvin Calvin
1986 - Yuan T. Lee (Ph.D.'65)


1934 - Harold C. Urey (Ph.D.'23)
1960 - Willard F. Libby (B.S.'31, Ph.D.'33)
1973 - Geoffrey Wilkinson (Postdoc '50)
1983 - Henry Taube (B.S.'35, Ph.D.'40)
1989 - Thomas Cech (Ph.D.'75)
1995 - Mario Molina (Ph.D.'72)
1996 - Robert F. Curl, Jr. (Ph.D.'57)
1999 - Ahmed Zewail (Postdoc.'74)
2002 - Kurt Wüthrich (Postdoc '67)
2018 - Frances Arnold (Ph.D. '85)

Number of research articles published in Science and Nature with at least one corresponding author from the Department of Chemistry (2014 - 2016)