Foundry of Reticular Materials for Sustainability (FORMS), Malaysia

Since 1986, the Enzyme and Microbial Technology (EMTECH) research group has evolved from focusing on research in microbiology to computational chemistry to space science. Recently, the Foundry of Reticular Materials for Sustainability (FORMS) was created to spearhead translational research of MOFs in Malaysia. This was catalyzed by research networking between Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and University of California, Berkeley (UCB) under the mentorship of Professor Omar M. Yaghi.

FORMS is based at the Faculty of Science, UPM and collaborates with other faculties and research institutes in the country. The core research activities focus on synthetic chemistry, materials science and agri-bio nanotechnology. Several running projects are related to the synthesis and computational studies of MOFs derived from Schiff bases, homochiral ligands, amino acids, peptides. There is also a focus on bioinspired MOFs based on industrial enzymes. These MOFs will find their use in various strategic areas such as catalysis, drugs nanodelivery, veterinary sciences, agriculture-targeted applications, gas storage and wastewater treatment.

For further information concerning the research topics being explored by the FORMS team, please visit their website.