LRE Program Information and Application Process

Program and Application Information

Who should apply?

Undergraduate students (Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing) from the US and abroad are encouraged to apply and participate in the program. Those accepted must have taken both General and Organic Chemistry (with accompanying laboratory classes). Successful applicants will be among the top 10% of their respective class and must demonstrate fluency in English. Please note that this is a highly selective program.

Program Track

LRE has a capacity for 30-35 students each year to join. The program will begin with a commencement seminar hosted by scientists from UC Berkeley, followed by 6 weeks of a hybrid lecture-experimental curriculum. The program will culminate with a symposium in which participants will present what they have learned.

Program Details

Participants will learn about research that involves materials synthesis, properties, and applications using the appropriate techniques, instruments, and equipment. Topics will include metal-organic frameworks, nanoparticles, inorganic-organic hybrids, inorganic materials, and coordination compounds.

Application Details: Apply Here

Application open date: December 2, 2019

Application close date: April 10, 2020

1. Fill out the application form. Your application may be saved at various stages and returned to later. Please note that there is an application fee (US $75) that is due at the time of submission.

2. Upload CV/Resume and transcripts. You will need to submit your curriculum vitae/resume as well as official transcripts. Please note that transcripts must be in English. Mailed transcripts will NOT be accepted.

3. Upload two (2) letters of recommendationTWO letters of recommendation are required. These must be relevant to your academic or professional experience. Mailed letters of recommendation will NOT be accepted.

4. Write a Personal Statement. In 500 words or fewer, you write an essay that describes why you are interested in being a LRE scholar, how do you hope that this experience contributes to your career goals and anything else that you would like to tell the admissions committee.

5. Review all sections of the application prior to submission.

6. Submit application.

Program Cost

 The program fees are US $12,000 for both US domestic and international scholars

  • Includes: faculty and staff, all program materials, seminars, daily lunch, LRE t-shirts and other UC Berkeley "swag"
  • Does not include: room and board, visa fees, breakfast and dinner meals

Housing Options

There are various options for housing during the program. Below are resources for you to pursue:

  • International House
    The I-House is a residential and program center located at the top of campus and welcomes U.S. and international students, visiting scholars, researchers and post docs. Single and double occupancy rooms come with a meal plan.

  • Other housing affiliated with UCB:

    • Sublets
      Get connected with UC Berkeley students who plan to leave their houses and apartments for the summer and are searching for someone to take over their rent while they are away.

    • Family housing
      Located 3.5 miles west of campus, University Village is an organized, spacious family community with one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments/townhomes.

    • Berkeley Lab Guest House
      Located on the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory campus, guests can access the UC Berkeley campus via shuttle bus, car, bicycle, or foot. It offers standard, large, and studio rooms.

    • Berkeley Student Co-op
      This affordable housing option offers a unique student experience. Rooms are in an apartment, rooming houses, or room and board house with predominantly Berkeley students and include a mandatory work shift for 2 to 5 hours each week.

  • Housing options not affiliated with UCB 
    This resource provides alternative housing options not owned by or affiliated with the University. Please note that the University does not endorse any housing options not affiliated with the University and does not guarantee the service or quality of service offered.

Timeline for Admission Decisions

An LRE officer will notify the applicant of an admission decision via email within 10-15 calendar days after receiving the completed application and a non-refundable application fee (US $75). Depending on the outcomes of the admission decision and the applicant’s decision: 

  • Admitted to the program and accept the offer: the applicant will have 14 business days to decide, complete and return the acceptance form, and pay the program fees (US $12,000 total for both US domestic and international scholars).
  • Decline admission: LRE shall keep the initial application fee (US $75).
  • Denied admission: LRE shall keep the initial application fee (US $75).

Program Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Applicants who have been admitted to the program have 14 calendar days to accept enrollment. Tuition is due on the 15th calendar day and is non-refundable. The application fee is also non-refundable at any time after submission of application.