Paper: Covalent Organic Frameworks with High Charge Carrier Mobility

Authors: S. Wan, F. Gándara, A. Asano, H. Furukawa, A. Saeki, S. K. Dey, L. Liao, M. W. Ambrogio, Y. Y. Botros, X. Duan, S. Seki, J. F. Stoddart, and O. M. Yaghi

Citation: Chem. Mater., 2011, 23, 4094-4097

DOI: 10.1021/cm201140r

Abstract: Two types (imine and boronate) of covalent organic frameworks (COFs) having a porphyrin unit have been synthesized. The two highly crystalline porphyrin COFs (COF-366 and COF-66) display excellent chemical and thermal stability and are permanently porous. Two-dimensional extended layered structures of the two COFs demonstrate very high charge carrier mobility values (8.1 cm2 V−1 s−1).