Successful Global Frontiers in Science and Technology Executive Education Program at Berkeley

June 22, 2018

The first executive education program, 'Global Frontiers in Science and Technology, organized by BGSI was a smash success. Over the course of a week, 30 international business executives visited UC Berkeley to hear from the university's top scholars on topics ranging from genome editing, nanotechnology, climate change, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Seminars by Profs. Jennifer Doudna, Dan Kammen, Michael Jordan, Peidong Yang, and Douglas S. Clark were the highlights of the week.

Brief Background on the Program: To compete and lead effectively in the science and technology sectors of the global economy, senior executives need to constantly be in the know about the latest technologies and innovations in order to evolve and improve their portfolio of investments and skills, with a particular focus on driving innovation and leading with an entrepreneurial mindset. The Global Frontiers in Science and Technology program was focused on helping with just that: providing the participants with an up-close view of the cutting edge, world-class research being carried out at UC Berkeley, Silicon Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, this program provides exposure to newly developed materials and insight into where the science and technology sector, as a whole, is moving towards (or in some cases, away from). Through seminars by world-renowned scholars, tours of world-class research facilities, and experiences with some of the top scientists and technologists in the world, the participants will leave the program with an edge over their competitors and will be well-positioned to succeed in their own business’ innovations as well as in new business creation.

For more information about the Global Frontiers in Science and Technology program, please click here.

Below are some pictures from the event: