Paper: Metal–Organic Frameworks of Vanadium as Catalysts for Conversion of Methane to Acetic Acid

Authors: A. Phan, A. U. Czaja, F. Gándara, C. B. Knobler, and O. M. Yaghi

Citation: Inorg. Chem., 2011, 50, 7388-7390

DOI: 10.1021/ic201396m

Abstract: A catalytic system combining the high activity of homogeneous catalysts and the ease of use of heterogeneous catalysts for methane activation is reported. The vanadium-containing metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) MIL-47 and MOF-48 are found to have high catalytic activity and chemical stability. They convert methane selectively to acetic acid with 70% yield (490 TON) based on K2S2O8 as an oxidant. Isotopic labeling experiments showed that two methane molecules are converted to the produced acetic acid. The MOF catalysts are reusable and remain catalytically active for several recycling steps without losing their crystalline structures.