BGSI's Participation in 2017 World Science Forum Resulted in Research Engagement Across Borders

October 29, 2018

As a result of BGSI's participation in the 2017 World Science Forum in Jordan, our global science center at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), led by Dr. Bassem A. Al-Maythalony, established collaborations with a team of Jordanian researchers, led by Dr. Abdussalam K. Qaroush, Dr. Ala'a F. Eftaiha, and Dr. Khaleel I. Assaf. Their collaboration resulted in a research article on carbon capture using a sugar-based absorbent. The team went to great lengths to detail the characterization of not only the material but also the mechanism behind capturing CO2.

Aside from the fascinating science, this report represents a concrete outcome of the power of research engagement through the global science network. We, at BGSI, are proud of this result.

Congratulations to the authors!

Publication Details:

A Green Sorbent for CO2 Capture: a-Cyclodextrin-based Carbonate in DMSO Solution

A. F. Eftaiha, A. K. Qaroush,F. Alsoubani,T. M. Pehl, C. Troll, B. Rieger,B. A. Al-Maythalony,and K. I. Assaf, RSC Advances2018, 8, 37757-37764.

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