Laboratory Research Experience Program

Experience Cutting Edge Research at UC Berkeley

Scholar Eligibility 

Undergraduate students (sophomore, junior, or senior standing) from the US and abroad are encouraged to apply and participate in the program. Those accepted must have taken both general and organic chemistry (with accompanying laboratory classes). Successful applicants will be among the top 10% of their respective class and must demonstrate fluency in English. Please note that this is a highly selective program and the research being performed is based in chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering.

Thanks to the LRE program, I learned a lot of new knowledge and gained experience in new techniques regarding emerging materials. I also gained hands-on experience in conducting experiments, presenting academic posters, and writing academic papers independently. I had the opportunity to gain insight into cutting-edge research by interacting with top scientists and young scholars from around the world. I highly recommend the LRE program to undergraduates who are planning for an advanced education in chemistry.

- Yu-Sin Liu, LRE Emerging Scholar, 2018

I was fortunate to join the Laboratory Research Experience program (LRE), organized by the University of California, Berkeley. The daily laboratory work and the interaction with top graduate students enhanced my working knowledge about reticular chemistry and confirmed to me that this is the area I want to work in during my Ph.D. This program helped me to develop as a well-trained researcher, enriched my scientific knowledge, and expanded my expertise in this particular field of research. It also exposed me to state-of-the-art research facilities and allowed me to interact with emerging scholars from around the world. I am now at my home university with more enthusiasm for my work, as well as a deeper understanding of what I am doing.

- Abdulhadi Al-Zahrani, LRE Emerging Scholar, 2018

Scholars who complete the entirety of the six-week Laboratory Research Experience program will earn a Certificate of Completion from UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry signed by Dean Douglas Clark. Scholars will also earn a letter of recommendation for their graduate school application written by a College of Chemistry faculty member.


Contact us! Please send us an email ( if you have any questions about the program or if you need any assistance with the application.

LRE exceeded all of my expectations—It gave me confidence and direction for my future as a chemist. Each week out provides you with hands-on experience in different fields to guide you to what really is your passion. We made MOFs, COFs, OLED and synthesized various nanoparticles—things you wouldn't be exposed to in your usual undergraduate lab. We had weekly seminars with faculty which was absolutely my favorite, as we got to hear these outstanding professors explain their research face to face. I would recommend LRE to anyone considering graduate studies in chemistry.

-Liron Cohen, LRE Emerging Scholar, 2017