Berkeley Emerging Research Scholars (BERS)

The LRE program is not only about offering you a chance to step into a whole new world of materials, it is also about offering you a chance to become a scholar. In the program, I learnt to think with innovation, act with curiosity, and work with new amazing friends. There was excitement when we saw beautiful crystals, but also frustration when OLEDs didn’t work. There was cooperation, but also debate when there was a disagreement. What I have experienced here intrigued me to think about how to become a good chemist. When Prof. Yaghi called us emerging scholars, I couldn’t help feeling proud of myself, for I’ve always asked myself what kind of person I want to be, and now I have the answer.

-Tianyang Yan, LRE Emerging Scholar, 2017

I really enjoy my magical journey through the LRE program at UC Berkeley, where I met top chemists in the world and young scholars with enthusiasm for research. We always stayed together and discussed science, which brought us delight as well as motivation. Thanks to the guidance of the professors and mentors, I not only learnt how to do research systematically, but also confirmed my determination to understand the beauty of chemistry in graduate school.

- Kunyu Wang, LRE Emerging Scholar, 2017

Announcement: Two Science Intensive Programs Offered for Undergraduate and High School Level Emerging Scholars - Apply Now to Secure Your Spot Next Summer, 2018!

Through a partnership with the College of Chemistry, we are excited to annouce two programs designed for high school students (SciTech Program) and undergraduate scholars (Laboratory Research Experience Program). The programs will take place in the summer of 2018. Please click the appropriate box below to learn more information!

Berkeley Emerging Research Scholars (BERS): Toward a Global Community for Scientific Excellence and Innovation

The Berkeley Emerging Research Scholars (BERS) is a global approach to science that reaches scholars from the US and abroad during their high school, undergraduate, and graduate studies. It is a program that breaks down barriers and transcends traditional boundaries – boundaries of country, culture, ethnicity, religion and science. It brings together people from vastly different regions and backgrounds to converse in the common language of science, overcoming traditional divisions by elevating the mind to create new materials that can be used to solve some of the world’s most vexing problems. From a practical standpoint, this program has three components:

  1. Long-term partnership with international institutions of learning and governments: The goal of this component is to ultimately help emerging scholars (graduate-level) sharpen their laboratory skills and develop a record in research. Typically, partnership takes place at the highest levels of academic administration, from which a foundation is set for fruitful collaboration and partner-specific programming.

  2. Laboratory Research Experience: This is a 6-week, laboratory-intensive program that seeks to prepare highly qualified international undergraduates for doctoral studies. Through this program, emerging scholars will learn to think independently, process advanced concepts and apply theory, effectively communicate and substantiate your ideas to others, and build group dynamic skills while being mentored through the research modules listed below.

  3. SciTech Program: This is a 2-week UC Berkeley-immersive summer program for rising high school students (grades 9-12) only. Participating students engage in the frontiers of science, engineering, and technology in order to enhance their understanding of the problems facing the world, learn about the relevance of science in addressing such problems, and be inspired to pursue careers in science that will ensure their contribution in positively impacting the world. A major component of the SciTech program is  seminar- and panel-based discussions, in which students will interact with dynamic, inspiring distinguished scholars, including Nobel Laureates. Participating students also take advantage of learning opportunities outside of the lecture hall such as hands-on science and technology-based demos, group excursions to tour the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawrence Hall of Science, get insight about about the college application process from the UC Berkeley Admissions Office, and engage in discussions with UC Berkeley undergraduates, graduates, and faculty mentors.